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  • Diamonds on Roses

    Diamonds on Roses

    Surprising Diamonds on Roses Forever Gifts expressing intense feelings of love, engagement, anniversary, promise, wedding baskets and more…

    Their endless beauty...

    These magnificent Fresh Roses are covered with numerous genuine natural diamonds. Their endless beauty is preserved by an entirely natural process. It is eternally stable and does not require any water!

    Women and men both agree that their top choice for the perfect gift are Diamonds or Roses. According to a survey by Harris Interactive. Now discover and offer both in one gift and buy now online at a price without doubt!

    The Rose

    Diamonds set on natural fresh roses, stabilized forever, soft in touch. Surprising diamond gifts for engagement, anniversary, promise and wedding baskets Genuine Natural Diamond Roses covered with countless natural diamonds just like dew. For sure the ultimate gift! Shows your infinite statement of love, affection, pure devotion, adoration and intense feelings. The most brilliant symbol of your relationship forever!

    Genuine diamonds set on natural preserved fresh roses, stabilized forever, soft to the touch, in elegant tube. The long lasting diamond rose will survive forever without water.

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    Diamonds and Roses are the two most popular gifts in the world, according to men and women, in a worldwide survey.

  • Long Stem Diamonds on Roses

    Natural, soft and fragranced flowers are preserved with genuine famous Antwerp diamond crystals …


    Short Stem Diamonds on Roses

    ... short stem roses preserved with genuine diamond crystals are very versatile…

    Diamonds on Roses


    Antwerp Jewels and Diamond Manufacturers
    Antwerp World Diamond Center
    BE-2018 Antwerp
    Belgium Europe

    Since 1985 excellence by ..., famous diamond polishers and cutters. Your trust is our top priority. Proven by facts and figures!

    ... Ltd & CMR Inc. Rough Diamonds Importers-Diamond Manufacturer-Cutting & Polishing Diamonds-Wholesalers located at the World Diamond Center in Antwerp, Belgium.


    • • Limit handling
    • • Do not water
    • • Do not expose to direct sunlight
    • • Keep out of high humidity
    • • Maintain room temperature
    • • Display indoors

    Diamond Roses are Forever!

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    Diamond Roses are Forever

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  • Long Stem Diamonds on Roses

    Diamond on Roses

    Natural, soft and fragranced flowers are preserved with genuine famous Antwerp diamond crystals. These everlasting blooms are rich in color and will stay that way if you keep them away from water and humidity.

    Become a reseller of these affordable yet luxurious Diamonds on Roses Forever. Extend your reach to customers with an all-inclusive bestseller. In today's economy, people are making sure that they get value and quality for their money. Genuine diamonds on long-lasting real roses at a price that they can't resist IS the best bang for the buck.

    This innovative gift is perfect for all occasions. They cannot be found anywhere but through ..., Leaders in Wholesale Diamonds Direct from the Source. Beat your competitors and be the first to offer everlasting real diamonds and roses gifts in your physical or online store. Learn about product description.

    Diamond on Roses

    Giving a single rose is an ancient tradition. Giving diamonds is also historically popular. Now not only the wealthy, royalty and celebrities can afford both but so can you and your customers. This bestseller combines the world's most popular gifts - diamonds and roses - into one unique gift. The perfect affordable luxury item that can be given during good times and bad times.

    Each jeweled rose comes in a protective case and has an LED light for displaying the brilliant diamonds. Although the gems sparkle on their own, the lamp allows you to really see them shine. They are available in three colors – Fire Red, Baccara Style Red (dark red) and Champagne White. With an irresistible price that fits everyone's budget, these are bestsellers that can't be found anywhere but through ....

    You can now offer long lasting gifts so unique that your competitors don't even carry them. Complete the Contact Form to learn more about this income opportunity.

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  • Short Stem Diamonds on Roses

    Diamond on Roses

    ...'s short stem roses preserved with genuine diamond crystals are very versatile. They are the perfect length for use at table settings and as accompanying flowers for awards. Use them as corsages and boutineers during prom and homecoming. Surprise someone by placing one at their computer desk, dinner table setting, or on a pillow. your imagination determine their usefulness.

    These preserved flowers aren't like the hard plastic or silk fabric or even the gold dipped roses. The difference is that they are real natural roses which are fragrant and feel soft at all times. These are world famous Antwerp diamonds set on everlasting roses. And as long as you keep the full blooms away from water and humidity, they'll retain their natural beauty and softness for years.

    These bestsellers cannot be found anywhere but through ..., diamond wholesalers. They come in a luxurious gift box designed to display this unique present. Each comes with a Certificate of Diamond. 48 hours FedEx delivery to anywhere in the world. Learn about product descriptions and rates.

    Be the first to offer an affordable product that brings together the world's top two gifts - diamonds and roses. Your competitors won't be able to keep up! Complete the Contact Form to get more info on how you can order, give and/or make money with Intense Feelings Diamonds on Roses Forever.

    Diamond on Roses

    These floral gifts with precious gems are offered in three colors – Fire Red, Baccara Style Red (a deep red) and Champagne White. The irresistible price fits your customers' budgets. The price that you, as a Reseller or Distributor, is wholesale cost. Offering these long lasting all occasion products is sure to increase your bottom line. These Diamonds on Roses are a bestseller product that can’t be found anywhere but through .... Stay ahead of your competitors.

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    Diamonds on Roses

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